6 Great Privacy Trees and Hedges

Everyone wants privacy, and this is important!

Some trees excel at performing their privacy wall role better. Deciduous trees can provide privacy for about 6-8 months of the year before they lose their leaves depending on type of tree and your USDA zone.

Evergreen trees offer privacy for 12 months of the year. Some evergreen varieties are faster growing, and some slower. Other varieties are prone to insects or fungi that can exfoliate the once all green or blue needles to just bare branches.

The varieties that are prone to shearing in half, major limb damage such as the White Pine and Leyland Cypress we have not listed because they can create future issues.

Six great evergreen Privacy Trees that we suggest are the following:

Green Giant Arborvitate

Norway Spruce

Nellie Stevens Holly

American Holly

Cryptomeria japonica

Fraser Fir

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