Bloom Schedule of Flowering Trees


Bloom time of Flowering Trees © – Pennsylvania – USDA Zones 6, 7 – March, 2021

The time of year that trees blossom can vary year to year depending on weather conditions. The winter was colder this year, and yet it appears that some flowering trees are blooming early this year.

Flowering trees in urban areas or those closer to large cities will bloom one to two weeks earlier than indicated here.

To help our buyers select trees by their flowering colors and times, we have listed many of the trees that we grow by the month and color that they flower.

Okame cherry – March/ April – (dark pink)

Eastern redbud – April – (lavender/ pink)

Forsythia – March/ April – (yellow)

Magnolia Ann – April/ May – (Lavender/ purple)

Snow Goose cherry – May – (white)

Akebono cherry – April/ May – (white/ pink tinges)

Yoshino cherry – April/ May – (white)

Weeping Yoshino cherry – April/ May – (white)

Kwanzan cherry – April/ May – (pink)

Helen Taft cherry – April– (pink)

Autumnalis cherry – May and October (white/ pink)

Sweetbay magnolia – May, June, July, August (white)

Flowering dogwood – Early May – (white/ other color varieties)

Kousa dogwood – Late May – (white)

Venus Dogwood – May – (white)

Stewartia pseudocamellia – June – (white) 

White Fringe Tree – May – (white)

American Yellowwood – June – (white)

Lilac tree – Late June – (white)

Little Gem magnolia – June through November – (white)

Most Magnolias – April – May (various colors)

Red Buckeye – May – (red)

Golden Chain – May – (yellow)

Tiny Dancer Lilac – May – (lavender/ purple)

Japanese Snowbell – June – (white)

* If you are not seeing your favorite flowering tree, please let us know.  If we know it, or grow it, we will add it to the list!

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