Planting Trees in the Summer

Styrax japonicus, 'Japanese Snowbell'

Trees have the great ability to thrive and survive successfully in the heat and cold… 365 days a year.

Hydration is the key factor to their survival, and if both newly planted and established trees have sufficient water throughout the year, they will very ably survive.

The real planting objective is to help the trees establish themselves quickly to enable them to grow and live well. Regular watering is critical to newly planted trees to give them that advantage.

Trees with highly developed root systems will do far better and are better prepared to handle temperature and moisture swings! The exact same planting process is followed 12 months of the year, but it becomes even more critical if planting in hotter weather. It is generally not the heat that can kill the tree, it is the lack of regular water.

So what is regular watering? It depends on one’s weather conditions, but usually every other day is perfect. If the current weather is rainy, then adjust to every second or third day as needed. Our trees are grown in a well-drained organic mix to promote better root development, so remember that the roots will lose moisture quicker in the mix and watering the surrounding soil around the tree is also important.

Drip irrigation or watering with a water wand is the best method so that the water is applied directly to where it is needed most… the entire root area plus surrounding soil.

All of the steps including amending the soil for better air and water circulation, proper Ph, adequate water retention, excess water drainage, nutrition (soil and fertilizer), plus MULCH on top to protect the rootball from the sun and heat are even more important now!

One can reduce planting stress by doing the following 5 things:

  1. Water both the newly dug hole and the tree’s root system thoroughly, before planting.

2. Plant in early evening when the sun is low and heat is reduced so that the newly planted trees have all night to adjust.

3. Plant trees on a cooler or cloudy day.

4. Choose a planting location where the tree(s) are protected from the late afternoon summer sun, especially if they thrive in shade.

5. Add mycorrhizae to the soil to improve the water and nutrition exchange in the soil. --> Trees grown by Brandywine Trees already have mycorrhizae in their root systems as part of our enhanced growing process.

In summary, it is not the time of year that influences new tree survival the most, it is the proper planting, ongoing care, and watering that determines that. If one has trees in pots or tree pouches, the temperatures are a lot cooler in the ground… than above ground, so planting the trees can help them.

Plant well, water regularly, and there is little need to worry.

For more information, please see the following article:

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