Planting Trees in Summer – 6 Smart Ways to boost growth.

Yes, trees can absolutely be planted in the summer when done properly.

We are growers, and we plant and grow thousands of trees successfully at the nursery throughout the year. So, there is no need to put life on hold… or to delay your planting projects.

After all, trees are actively growing in the summer so why miss a great opportunity to plant and grow beautiful trees?

Here are 6 excellent recommendations on how to safely plant trees in the summer, and start them off growing right.

Trees need water just like us to overcome the heat.  If you maintain good tree hydration before, during, and after planting… your trees will do just fine. 

Trees are not fragile, and they can very capably survive the raw elements outdoors 365 days a year.  So, it is our job to give them what they need to do theirs’.  Our trees have superior root systems, so they actually experience minimal transplant shock when planted properly.

The trees we grow have thousands of fine feeder roots that are like hungry little mouths that want water and nutrients now, so it is up to the gardener or landscaper to water the trees properly and regularly!  The trees will do their job, but it’s up to you to do yours, first.

Our trees do well in their special growing bags, but do so much better when planted properly in the ground.  So please follow our recommendations carefully.

Water is critical to trees, and to every other living thing…especially in the hotter temperatures.

  1. Water the tree’s rootball thoroughly (for several days) prior to planting to fully hydrate the tree throughout repeatedly in advance. You want the tree’ rootball to absorb water and air so you want to give them a good consistent drink, but don’t drown them.
  2. Schedule to plant the trees on a cooler or overcast day, or late in the day when the sun is down.
  3. Wet the hole and soil amendments moderately before and during placement of the tree.
  4. Mix in compost (organic matter) with the soil to break up the clay and hold in moisture longer. You can add a lighter dose of a good slow-release fertilizer like Tree-Tone by Espoma.  It is well-balanced with great minerals and nutrients, and has Mycorrhizae included.
  5. Add 3” – 4” of mulch on top of the finished planting to retain moisture and insulate the roots from the hot sun and colder temps when winter arrives.
  6. Water the trees once planted and water them every day in shower mode for 1 – 2 minutes per tree for the next 3 days. After that change to watering the trees to every other day. 

By now, you will get a sense of how quickly or slowly the water is being absorbed and you can adjust watering frequency and amount based on your own observations.

The secret to successful planting is proper and ongoing watering so that the trees never lose their peak hydration levels.  When small tree stems and leaves lose their turgor, they will start drooping telling you that they need water immediately.

There is an old legend about a young boy asking the wise old man, “When is the best time to plant a tree?”  The wise old man says,“20 years ago”.  The boy thought for a minute, and asked the wise man again, “When is the next best time to plant?”  The wise man quickly stated “Now”

We have plenty of healthy trees available that are ready to plant now.

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