Trees can be shipped by truck locally or regionally with additional shipping costs, or larger wholesale customers may pre-schedule a pickup date and time. We proudly service Chester County, Delaware County, Philadelphia, and the Main Line & surrounding areas. Please call or email us in advance for shipping and pickup availability.

Shipping costs will vary by distance, number of trees, size, and weight. Our trees are full of healthy feeder roots in a custom growing mix. The weight of our 7, 10 and 15 gallon trees are typically 60% lighter than a soil mix, and are much easier to lift, transport and plant. One man or woman can easily move any one of our trees by hand.

We reserve the right to substitute same tree variety with a smaller container size, if those trees are better and larger specimens

Trees are precious and protecting them during shipping is extremely important. If you are picking up your trees in an open trailer, please make sure to have the proper padding to protect the tree trunks, and air foil protective cover to prevent wind damage and stress to the trees!

An enclosed canopy truck or trailer is the best and preferred way to transport, but the trees must be secured and protected during transit. All trees are F.O.B. from our nursery, and all tree sales are final.

Thank you. We appreciate your business!