Why Our Trees Are Better

  1. With up to 100% of their healthy feeder roots included with each tree, our trees offer excellent growth and survivability.
  2. Our trees are grown in a custom organic growing mix, and are much lighter and easier to lift, transport and plant. It takes just one person to plant our 12′ tall trees vs. 2 strong guys plus equipment to move and plant a 250+ lb B&B tree. This is a huge time and cost savings for you.
  3. We are the grower… and not a middleman. We know all of our trees, and grew 90% of them from either a young cutting, or a seedling. Yes, we do occasionally source requested trees for our customers from other trusted wholesale growers when we run out, or when we don’t grow a particular variety in order to help our customers.
  4. According to plant scientists, the typical ‘balled & burlapped’ deciduous tree actually loses up to 85% – 90% of its roots when dug from the ground. However, our trees provide excellent feeder root systems and you are getting up to 100% of the roots with each tree, and there are no girdling or circling roots.
  5. Our trees experience minimal transplant shock because they already have up to 100% of their roots included with every tree. They are easier to plant, and you are literally taking our trees directly out of the tree bag or pot with all of their roots included and planting them directly into the ground. The root systems start growing quickly on your site once planted.
  6. You can safely and very confidently plant our trees March through December (when planted and watered properly) because you are planting a tree with its entire root systems intact. We have customers successfully planting in the heat of June and July with 100% success because they plant the trees properly, and water them regularly!