We are lifelong growers of plants and trees, and fully guarantee our trees for one year with the exception of for the lack of watering, physical tree damage, insect damage, or disease.

We have already done the hard work for you by raising these healthy trees with great root systems. It is now up to the buyer to properly plant, water, protect and maintain the health of these trees. We expect our buyers to responsibly care for their trees.

We gladly guarantee the health and survival of our trees for one year, if our customers can ensure that the trees are properly planted according our our guidance, watering them 2-3 times weekly, control any insect or pest issues, and contact us immediately if there are any concerns.

We know trees, and tree health very well. We can quickly determine a cause of any issue.

We will replace any dead tree with the same variety within one year of purchase, if available. The buyer will be required to pickup and plant the new tree.

Please note: We absolutely require a date stamped digital photos on the date of planting, and photos of any tree issues issues to meet our tree replacement policy. The tree replacement guarantee is a new policy and begins effective March, 2019.

Thank you for your business!