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Small gardens, roof top gardens, and city gardens need small trees. Our select group of smaller rare and hard-to-find trees are highly desirable!  They grow to a height of less than 15 -20 feet, and are very special trees to us. The nursery owner handpicks the varieties that we grow, and they must be pretty darn special to be on his favorites list!


Trident Maple is a fascinating smaller maple known for its multi-colored leaves.  It holds on to its leaves until November/ December and puts on a brilliant fall display of color.


The Acer griseum, aka Paperbark Maple, is one of our absolute favorites! Native to central China with gorgeous exfoliating bark and fall leaf colors make this tree a must-have.


A red leaf Japanese Maple famous for its summer burgundy, and fall red color


Green Japanese Maples are beautiful and under-rated. They may even be more hardy than the red's.


A beautiful alternative to the Japanese Maple. It has beautiful green leaves that turn red and yellow in the spring and fall.


A handsome hornbeam with deeply textured leaves that are quite attractive


Eastern Redbud is an exceptional and beautiful early flowering tree that is highly revered for its beautiful flowers. It is well known for its stunning lavender-purple flowers that bloom in early spring. This specimen grows best in a location sheltered from high winds. It is an excellent flowering specimen tree that looks great in front of evergreens. You can't go wrong on planting several of these!


A weeping deep red leaf flowering Redbud that is quite a specimen for the garden, or along a walkway.


A small single or multi-trunk beautiful white fringe flowering tree. It is a hard-to-find native tree, and is both beautiful, fragrant and hardy to Zone 3.


The Flowering Dogwood is America's favorite flowering tree.  It is a classic flowering American native tree that adds beauty to any landscape.


A new 'patented' scarlet red flowering dogwood that is a beautiful sight to see.Because of the limited supply and its rarity, we limit two Scarlet Fire specimen per order, please.

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With an intense red & purple color, the Red Dragon variation is extremely unique and sure to turn heads in any landscape. Shop our site now for more info!


This tree is a unique and hard-to-find specimen with beautiful lime green summer foliage and amazing fall color. This specimen catches everyone's attention for brilliant lime green color all summer long and delivers gorgeous fall colors!


This uniquely beautiful dwarf tree is very hard-to-find and adds a truly gorgeous element to walking paths and cultured gardens.  This is a well loved specimen perfect for that small landscape!


A gorgeous holly specimen that is a grand addition to any upscale landscape


Magnolia virginiana 'Henry Hicks' is a smaller pyramidal shaped semi-evergreen magnolia that is unique and hard-to-find.


This is a mid spring blooming, moderate-growing Magnolia with beautiful flowers. Plant with protection from harsh winds and enjoy this gorgeous tree!  It is a beautiful beckoning welcome to spring


AVAILABLE NOW - - A highly desirable and fast growing evergreen hedge shrub that can provide instant privacy and beauty.  These are very popular, and will offer you privacy when other shrubs/ trees lose their leaves.JUST ARRIVED - - Our current 4 1/2' - 5' size is large, lush, and ready to provide instant privacy.  Don't wait... order now as these just arrived and will run out soon.  This will be our last group for this summer/ fall.This is an excellent screening and privacy specimen that is lush, evergreen, and is a friendly privacy wall that adds year a round beauty and will not offend any neighbor.


A top 5 favorite! It is a dwarf black locust variety growing to 10'-12' that has a comical twisty, windy growth pattern that makes it so special and desireable!


Peking Lilac is a beautiful and hardy tree with large, creamy-white, fragrant honey-scented flower clusters. It is also a great urban tree and can be a smart choice for a specimen tree, as well as for median plantings and interstate parkway plantings. Native to Asia, it is both very hardy and beautiful, with attractive, amber-colored, [...]


Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac is a smaller tree growing up to 15′ tall with a rounded crown. It has creamy white and amazingly fragrant flowers arranged in dense, terminal clusters (panicles up to 12″ long).  It blooms in late May to mid-June, and later than most other varieties of lilac. It makes an outstanding fragrant [...]


A dwarf lilac that is very fragrant and blooms heavily in the spring.


A very fragrant and heavily bluish lavender flowering tree that grows like a vine


A very fragrant and heavily pink flowering tree that grows like a vine