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Trees that are tolerant of wetter soils and growing conditions! Trees for wetland areas, riparian zones, and other locations.


This excellent and very popular Red & Silver Maple hybrid is an upright, fast-growing, deciduous shade tree with outstanding blazing fall colors. It is one of the very best autumn and fall color maple trees. You will not be disappointed!


Autumn Fantasy is a gorgeous Red and Silver Maple hybrid with a brilliant ruby red fall color. A specimen tree perfect for lawns and landscapes! Shop today!


Brandywine Maple is a beautiful and hardy shade tree with vivid emerald green leaves that change to bright red  and then darker red/ purple during the fall. They hold onto their colors long into the fall.  These trees are excellent lawns and street trees.


A handsome red maple variety that is hardy with beautiful fall colors


Betula 'Cully' is a special cultivar with white and peach colored exfoliating bark


The 'Dura Heat' cultivar is more resistant to hot temperatures and also holds its leaves longer in the fall.


Southern Magnolia is a treasured fragrant flowering evergreen for zone 6-9 that is a beautiful addition to every landscape. It does need some shelter from cold winters, but it is generally a hardy specimen in zone 6 & 7.


This is one of our favorite magnolias. It is a hard-to-find semi-evergreen retaining about 50% of its leaves through the winter, and develops many flowering buds blooming June through August. It is a faster growing variety of Sweetbay Magnolia, and produces the same beautiful lemon scented flowers. This is the tree that everyone wants to see out their window full of lush green leaves, and especially in mid-winter!  It is highly recommended!


Sweetbay Magnolia trees produce fragrant white flowers and brilliant red seed pods at the end of summer. This gorgeous tree is very fragrant and a must-have for well designed landscapes! It blooms from May through July with beautiful white flowers that are so fragrant and just a constant reminder about the true beauty of nature. It is also a wildlife tree an attracts birds feeding on its red seeds in August and September.  These are large trees and a great value of beauty for the price.


This variety of the native Blackgum tree has spectacular spring, summer and fall red, orange and green colors.  It is a hardy zone 5-9 native tree that also endures wetter soils. We have limited stock of these, but you will not be disappointed by the amazing display of colors that this tree offers the property owner.It does produce small fruits which birds love, and grows up to 40' x 20' wide. Highly recommended.


An American native tree known for its large majestic size, and multi-color bark. It has strong winter and all season interest.  This is a large beautiful fast growing shade tree commonly seen along stream banks


The swamp white oak has greater tolerance to wet areas and displays really beautiful multi-color leaves in the fall that are unique and inspiring.  This is a beautiful tree to be seen and is native to USDA zones 3 - 9.