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Trees that attract wildlife including wild turkey, deer, pollinating bees, butterflies, and birds. This category primarily focuses on trees that attract and provide food. Some varieties such as the spruce, holly and a few other smaller dense trees also provide protective shelter and habitat for nesting birds.


A great native specimen adding both vivid fall colors and white spring flowers to its multi-season display.  These grow to 15' - 20' and are taller than wide. We generally grow these in tree form instead of shrub.  The Amelanchier looks great as a solo tree, or as part of a multi-specimen design.Autumn Brilliance puts on one of the best fall color displays of all of the serviceberry.


Betula 'Cully' is a special cultivar with white and peach colored exfoliating bark


The 'Dura Heat' cultivar is more resistant to hot temperatures and also holds its leaves longer in the fall.


The River Birch is an American Native tree that will tolerate wetter soil conditions


A small single or multi-trunk beautiful white fringe flowering tree. It is a hard-to-find native tree, and is both beautiful, fragrant and hardy to Zone 3.


The Flowering Dogwood is America's favorite flowering tree.  It is a classic flowering American native tree that adds beauty to any landscape.


A new 'patented' scarlet red flowering dogwood that is a beautiful sight to see.Because of the limited supply and its rarity, we limit two Scarlet Fire specimen per order, please.


A 'patented' dogwood that puts on an extended showing of large white flowers that blooms in May and after the Cornus florida.Due to limited availability and its rarity, we limit one 'Venus' Dogwood specimen per order, please.


This uniquely beautiful dwarf tree is very hard-to-find and adds a truly gorgeous element to walking paths and cultured gardens.  This is a well loved specimen perfect for that small landscape!


A gorgeous holly specimen that is a grand addition to any upscale landscape


Southern Magnolia is a treasured fragrant flowering evergreen for zone 6-9 that is a beautiful addition to every landscape. It does need some shelter from cold winters, but it is generally a hardy specimen in zone 6 & 7.


Magnolia virginiana 'Henry Hicks' is a smaller pyramidal shaped semi-evergreen magnolia that is unique and hard-to-find.


This is one of our favorite magnolias. It is a hard-to-find semi-evergreen retaining about 50% of its leaves through the winter, and develops many flowering buds blooming June through August. It is a faster growing variety of Sweetbay Magnolia, and produces the same beautiful lemon scented flowers. This is the tree that everyone wants to see out their window full of lush green leaves, and especially in mid-winter!  It is highly recommended!


Sweetbay Magnolia trees produce fragrant white flowers and brilliant red seed pods at the end of summer. This gorgeous tree is very fragrant and a must-have for well designed landscapes! It blooms from May through July with beautiful white flowers that are so fragrant and just a constant reminder about the true beauty of nature. It is also a wildlife tree an attracts birds feeding on its red seeds in August and September.  These are large trees and a great value of beauty for the price.


This is a mid spring blooming, moderate-growing Magnolia with beautiful flowers. Plant with protection from harsh winds and enjoy this gorgeous tree!  It is a beautiful beckoning welcome to spring


The Persian Ironwood is a hard-to-find and sought-after specimen tree with beautiful characteristics for all four seasons. Provides wonderful year around interest! Click to learn more.


The Norway Spruce is a great fast growing privacy tree, and landscape tree with many uses. It is fast growing and a beautiful and gracious addition to any landscape. These are beautiful b&b 5'-6'+ specimens that are full and healthy.


The Autumnalis cherry actually blooms twice a year... once in the spring and then in the fall. It is a beautiful and hard-to-find specimen, but is very unique in its flowering habit. You are getting twice the flowering beauty for the money.


The Yoshino cherry is a favorite flowering tree known for its gorgeous display of white flowers. It blooms and famous in Washington DC along the Potomac River. Highly recommended!


The white oak is a stately native American tree that is an impressive tree for the larger landscape or estate.


The swamp white oak has greater tolerance to wet areas and displays really beautiful multi-color leaves in the fall that are unique and inspiring.  This is a beautiful tree to be seen and is native to USDA zones 3 - 9.


A native American oak known for its straight vertical trunk and the pointed leaf ends looking like pins


A fast growing native American variety of Oak known for its bright red fall color


Peking Lilac is a beautiful and hardy tree with large, creamy-white, fragrant honey-scented flower clusters. It is also a great urban tree and can be a smart choice for a specimen tree, as well as for median plantings and interstate parkway plantings. Native to Asia, it is both very hardy and beautiful, with attractive, amber-colored, [...]


Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac is a smaller tree growing up to 15′ tall with a rounded crown. It has creamy white and amazingly fragrant flowers arranged in dense, terminal clusters (panicles up to 12″ long).  It blooms in late May to mid-June, and later than most other varieties of lilac. It makes an outstanding fragrant [...]


These trees will give you your privacy, comfort, and your peace-of-mind back!  The Green Giant is the best large privacy and screening tree in our opinion. It is very hardy, fast growing, attractive, fragrant, and considered very deer-resistant.Plant NOW to establish your Green Giants for the Fall, and next year.  IN STOCK NOW... but these trees will sell out soon!It is a 'highly recommended' privacy tree to create that fast growing privacy barrier that customers want. We offer multiple sizes.  Each size can 'potentially' grow 2-3 feet per season if you plant them well, fertilize, and water regularly!Act soon, as these trees are selling out quickly especially during the pandemic!