Welcome to the Best Place to Buy Large Trees ONLINE.  Buy direct from your local Pennsylvania grower… and Yes we do deliver!

– We grow high quality trees with superior root systems so that your trees are healthy, grow well… and grow fast.  You are buying Large Trees organically grown direct from your local grower, and we deliver our trees direct to you!

Our trees bring a lot of joy and happiness to our customers, which is even more important now.

We are 100% operational, and legally authorized by the PA Dept. of Agriculture to remain in operation and can safely and discretely deliver all of our healthy trees directly to you, our customers… with no worries  🙂
Under the Pennsylvania State March 20, 2020 Covid-19 Business Exemption List, we are categorized as a Life-Sustaining Business, and we do follow all recommended safety procedures. 
We are an ONLINE agricultural business only.  If you are stuck at home away from work, now is a great time to buy direct online, and plant trees! 
This is our busy season, and we highly recommend that you order now… so we can deliver to you quickly, and avoid delivery delays!
Please be well, and stay safe.  Enjoy your home, your gardens, and please stay positive. is your local Online wholesale tree nursery growing over 100+ varieties of large flowering trees, shade trees, city trees, native trees, specialty trees, wildlife trees, and privacy trees for well-designed landscapes. 

We grow THOUSANDS of large healthy trees on our tree nursery that are unique, rare, hard to find, and many popular tree varieties that are also in high-demand by our customers. 

Our tree production methods specifically focus on growing healthy and well-rooted trees so that your landscape trees grow well, and grow fast.  We have many exceptional and highly desirable tree specimens available for sale!

Brandywine Trees is a regional Online Wholesale Tree Nursery licensed by the PA Dept. of Agriculture.  Our nursery grows and sells trees in large quantities in order to offer our trees at wholesale pricing to our customers.  We deliver direct to regional customers in PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

We can CUSTOM SHIP trees to other states… (on a case-by-case basis) for additional cost. Please email, or call us!

We sell trees in large quantities and bulk to landowners, developers, park commissions, arboretums, builders, environmental projects, homeowner associations, city planners, landscape architects, designers, etc.

Our trees are grown on a private family farm in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania.

YES, we do deliver and sell direct to both horticulture professionals and individuals primarily in the Philadelphia four-state region (PA, NJ, DE and MD).

A minimum 3 tree order is required for wholesale pricing.

View our TREE CATALOG and order online… to purchase your trees!

Great Roots Produce Better Trees

Thanks for your note!We were very pleased with the tree stock you grew — it is some of the finest we have seen, and it is obvious that you care a great deal about growing healthy trees.

Director / Philadelphia Arboretum

As for the quality and selection of trees – I’ve never seen any better. The growing process they use to grow their trees is beyond compare! Now that all of our trees are in the ground, our property has never looked better.

Michael & Deanna / Downingtown

As a horticulture professional for over 40 years, I have never seen nursery tree root systems so impressive.I am continually impressed with the growth, the variety and health of their trees and their strong fibrous root systems.

H. Darlington / Elizabethtown, PA