Tree Quality:

We grow specific tree varieties based on their growth habit and adaptability to USDA zones 5, 6 and 7, but also on their uniqueness, beauty, and rareness of their availability.  A few of our trees are so hard-to-find that it would be a great disappointment to not grow these rare varieties especially for our high-end specialty buyers to enjoy.

All of our trees are organically grown in the healthy air and fed by the clean pristine spring waters of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  As professional growers, we grow over 95% of the tree varieties that we sell.  We occasionally source trees from our grower partners based upon specific buyer requests, current tree stock availability, or market demand.

Our organic growing practices maintain high standards on tree quality and health, which is essential to growing top quality trees.

We are life-long growers and tree collectors who fully appreciate high-quality gardens, and beautiful landscapes.

“We will not sell any tree… that we personally would not buy.”

Growing Zones:

All of our trees are native to the Mid-Atlantic US, or those that grow very well in USDA growing zones 5, 6 and 7. Specialty tree collectors and knowledgeable buyers will be delighted to find a selection of unique and rare trees that are difficult to find and are either propagated by us or other professional growers in the United States.

Water Conservation:

Our trees are spring fed from the Brandywine River Basin which originates just north of our nursery fields.

We use water conserving and highly-efficient drip irrigation systems for all of our larger trees. Drip irrigation uses up to 50% less water than conventional watering methods, and only places the water directly where it is needed.

In addition, we use the industry’s leading water retaining, root pruning tree bags, which conserve much of the drip irrigation water in our custom organic growing mix.

We also use overhead spraying in our high-density production fields for our smaller first and second year potted seedlings. Our mineral rich spring water is also full of the important micro-nutrients that are very beneficial to a tree’s healthy establishment and long-term health.

Soil Conservation:

We grow in a custom organic growing mix, so we are not removing any precious Chester County soils when a tree is sold in a tree bag and moved off of the nursery.

Pest Management:

Our nursery is 100% pesticide-free, and 100% herbicide-free. We use natural ‘OMRI certified’ organic solutions to effectively control disease and harmful insects. We have had very good success with these certified organic practices.

We also have a very healthy indigenous and diverse bird population that greatly helps in the natural control of insect pests.

To manage weeds we use a close fitting fibrous root cap which covers the top of the tree bags and pots, significantly reducing water loss by over 50%, and also helping to prevent weed growth.

And, yes we still pull many thousands of weeds manually by hand! 🙁

The Real Benefit:

The real benefit of our growing practices is that all of our root-pruned certified trees are grown with mycorrhizae and have exceptional root systems that truly benefit our trees, and our customers.

We grow Transplant Ready Trees™. Our trees are lighter, easier to move, easier to plant, and they flourish!

They quickly establish in their new planting location with their fibrous root systems with little-to-no transplant shock… and can safely be planted from March through December in USDA zones 6 and higher.

Our trees generally go through two to three root-pruning pot upstages (very labor intensive, costly, and all trees are manually re-potted by hand).

We do buy a few hard-to-find specimens as bare root stock that may only go through a single root pruning stage. These will not have the extensive root systems of our other trees, but they will still be exceptional hard-to-find, and healthy tree specimens.

Root Pruned Rootball
Our trees’ healthy feeder roots

Our Rootmaker ‘Platinum Certified’ root-pruned trees are chock full of ‘many hundreds’ of healthy feeder roots that will enable our trees to quickly establish and grow into larger and healthy specimen-quality trees that every customer desires.