Plant a Tree Line now!

Have you ever seen a beautiful tree lined street or driveway and thought about how timeless and purposeful it seemed?

That beautiful tree line started with an idea, and someone with the desire to build something special and long lasting… and then they made it happen.

If you own a property then adding beauty and enhancing its value should be a priority.  Land increases in value over time, but even more so when you add beauty and privacy.

Planting trees adds beauty, comfort and can create more privacy which makes the property even more attractive and enjoyable.

Most people build a tree line for privacy especially this time of year knowing that other trees will be losing their leaves and be bare soon. Evergreens such as the Green Giant arborvitae and Schip Laurel are highly desired trees and shrubs that create an attractive privacy tree line to give you that privacy and peace-of-mind back.

Other trees like the stately American Sycamore, or flowering trees like the Helen Taft cherry create an amazing spring display that is breathtaking and quite gorgeous.

More great trees for tree lines include Red Maples, Dogwoods, Pin Oaks, River Birch, Katsura trees, and Ginkgo.  In addition, columnar trees like Armstrong Maple, ‘Slender Silhouette’ Sweetgum, Columnar English Oak, and ‘Kindred Spirit’ Oak make awesome tree lines that are truly inspiring!

A well planned tree line brings a stately presence and quiet elegance, and becomes a gift to be appreciated by others for possibly hundreds of years.

Here is a great story about why it is important to plant now.  A young boy asked the elderly scholar “When is the best time to plant a tree?”  The wise old man quickly stated, “20 Years ago!” 

The young boy thought for a minute and asked, “When is the next best time”?  The wise man emphatically stated, “Now”

Young trees are great, but a tree’s true magnificence, beauty, and presence is not experienced until they grow larger and become the king and queen of the land.

Let Brandywine Trees help you by providing thoughtful recommendations and trees for your project.

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