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Great Tree Varieties to consider! – Highly recommended.

*** We have some outstanding specimens of these trees available.

Katsura – Cercidphyllum japonicum – Eye catching leaf colors and fast growing shade tree

American Dogwood Tree – Cornus florida – a favorite spring white flowering tree!  These are large full 6’+ specimens that will sell out quickly.  (Plant now for spring flowers.)

American Sycamore – Platanus occidentalis – An outstanding American native tree that is a fast grower, and great large shade tree.

Kwanzan Cherry – Prunus serrulata – Beautiful large double petal pink flowers in the spring

Sweetbay Magnolia – Magnolia virginiana- Fragrant beautiful flowers May through July, and it is a Native tree!

Yoshino Cherry – Prunus yedoensis – One of the best spring white flowering trees!

Ironwood – Parrotia persica – A gorgeous tree for all four seasons!


These select large trees are perfect for lining a road, a parkway, property line, or a driveway.  This includes the Brandywine Maple, Autumn Fantasy Maple, Snow Goose Cherry, and Yoshino Cherry.  Many of these are 10’ – 12’+ tall, and we need the space for thousands of arriving tree seedling stock. 

Our Yoshino cherry are 8’ – 10’+ tall.  These large trees are hard to find, and offer the buyer a lot of tree for the money.  Order early to reserve them!


We are looking for fit, able bodied part-time workers Male/ Female from March through December.Workers looking for part time or full-time work in Chester, Lancaster, or Berks Counties should apply. 

We need several workers and a delivery driver to deliver in the Philadelphia Main Line area.

Want to pot tree seedlings?We especially need short term workers to help hand pot seedlings in April/ May.  We pay hourly with generous biweekly performance bonuses.  Please email us your Bio/ resume… or call us to inquire!


Trees can literally be safely planted any month of the year.  Trees and their root systems are dormant in the winter months, and can be safely planted with proper planting and soil preparation.

Tree roots start growing when SOIL temperatures rise above 40 degrees, so you can bet that their roots will start growing in mid-March/early April in zone 6 & 7.  SOIL temperatures are warmer than air temperatures in colder months, while Soil is cooler in summer/ fall months

As air temperatures in March start warming up photosynthesis is already happening and accelerating with the evergreens such as arborvitaes, hollies, and Southern magnolias.  They do need watering to support this growth activity as well.