We personally deliver our trees to customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey… including Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Philadelphia, and the Main Line & surrounding areas, Wilmington, as well as Bucks County, and Berks County.

There is considerable time and effort involved in hand selecting, pulling trees from the field, preparing, and safely loading your trees for delivery. These are larger trees, and we often have many customers in line on the delivery schedule. It typically takes 7 – 10 days to prepare and deliver a tree order depending on weather, and seasonal tree demand.

We also take photos of the delivered trees to document the tree delivery, and text them to our customers to fully assure them that all of their trees have safely arrived at their location. Our customers are really thrilled to receive our text photo confirmations, since they may not be there to receive the tree delivery. We do our best to keep our customers well informed of the delivery process, and delivery timing.

Please understand that we ONLY deliver the trees to an easily accessible ‘paved location’ for our truck to directly unload. We do not move the trees to their final planting location.

Delivery costs will vary by distance, number of truck deliveries, number of trees, size, and weight. Our trees are full of healthy feeder roots in a custom organic growing mix. The weight of our 7, 10, and 15 gallon trees are typically 60% lighter than a soil mix, and are much easier to lift, transport, and plant.

Trees are precious and protecting them during delivery is extremely important. We properly cover and protect the trees with an airflow cover to minimize wind damage and stress to the trees.

We greatly appreciate, and thank you for your business!