We are passionate about growing great trees.  We grow healthy trees with superior root systems… so that your trees survive, and grow fast.

All of our trees are grown in a special organic growing mix with mycorrhizae using the air root-pruning method. This special proven process produces very healthy and vigorous root systems by encouraging significant new root development to create far more feeder roots for every tree.

Our Transplant Ready Trees™ experience little-to-no transplant shock when planted properly, and they grow well and grow fast.

“Root pruning” takes place when a root tip either hits air in the specially designed Rootmaker air root-pruning pots, or the fabric wall in a tree bag stopping the primary root tips from growing and forcing many new additional roots to develop.

More root tips = more water and more nutrientsNow the trees can absorb more water and nutrients… to survive and grow faster.

In the photo you can see the dense 3 gallon root ball on the left removed from the 3 gallon pot with the extensive root growth. On the right is the same size tree seedling with the growing mix washed away to illustrate just how robust our tree root systems become after just 4 or 5 months in their first growing season in the 3 Gal pot.

In contrast and according to plant scientists at Cornell University, the traditional “balled & burlapped” (B&B) trees can lose up to 85%-90% of their roots when dug from the ground. It takes years for the tree to recover from this shock, and their growth rate is slowed significantly because of the heavy root loss stress.

With our root-pruned trees our customers receive high quality tree specimens with up to 100% of their ‘many hundreds’ of tender feeder roots included.

We use a patented and well-proven process where we plant high-quality seedlings in a custom organic mix with the Mycorrhizae included where they are upstaged several times ‘by hand’ into larger pots or tree bags specially designed to root prune, and build their deeply fibrous and healthy root systems.

YES, it absolutely does require more labor and growing costs for us, but we wouldn’t do it any other way.  Our buyers’ receive far healthier trees with superior root systems offering excellent growth and survivability.

We do all of the hard work for you.

How We Grow

This is how Great Roots Produce Better Trees!