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We are a regional nursery selling and delivering large trees to the Philadelphia, PA region, which includes PA, NJ. DE & MD.

Frequently Asked Questions

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March through December is an excellent time to plant our trees. Please remember that our root-pruned trees have up to 100% of their roots included, so they can absolutely be safely planted during this period. All of our trees are grown above-ground (year around) in the tree bags, so the ground soil temperatures are actually better for the trees once you find their new permanent planting locations. Ground soil temperatures are warmer in the winter, and cooler is the summer. Our root-pruned trees can be safely planted almost any time of the year, as long as the ground is not deeply frozen and they are properly planted with proper soil preparation, and kept watered in the dry spells.

We primarily deliver to the Philadelphia 4 state region which includes PA, NJ, DE and MD. We have a 50 mile radius of Paoli, PA 19301 where we regularly deliver. Shipping trees can be prohibitively expensive because of the size of the trees, so we like to deliver if close enough.

Air root-pruning occurs when a tree seedling’s root tips come into contact with either air in a specially designed air root-pruning pot… or the fabric sides of a root-pruning tree bag which stops the root tip ends from growing thus encouraging even more numerous secondary and lateral roots to take over and grow. This means that now you have far more healthy feeder roots to support the growth and survivability of the tree.

Our trees are much lighter, and easier to lift, and plant. They are grown in a custom growing mix which encourages more drainage and better root growth. Our trees with root-pruned systems have up to 100% of their many feeder roots included and quickly start growing in their new environment within a couple of weeks. It is important to water the root ball and a 4′ circumference every other day in hot weather until the tree is well established for 45 – 60 days. It is also important to remember that the tree was grown in a well-drained custom mix so you want to make sure that you water the root ball… plus the surrounding soil well every two days to give the roots something to reach for.

Our 1 1/2″ to 2″ caliper tree’s root systems will typically outperform larger 2 1/2″ caliper B&B trees in just 1 – 2 years after proper planting and watering because our trees have up to 100% of their roots included. Think about it. You are buying a healthy tree with up to 100% of its roots, that is lighter and easier to plant, and will experience little-to-no transplant shock, because it has close to 100% of its tender feeder roots included. Whereas, the typical B&B tree lost up to 85%-90% of its roots when dug from the ground.

We are dedicated growers and grow over 95% of our trees from quality propagated seedlings, so we literally know every tree and its growth history. Many nurseries and garden centers are resellers and are selling someone else’s product with limited knowledge of the growth and health history of the trees.

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