Plant Now… for your Spring Flowering Trees!

Now is a great time to start planning to add Spring flowering trees for your projects.  Depending on the variety, different trees will flower at varying times and colors throughout the spring, summer, and even the fall.

Plant now or in February, March, or April to receive the early benefits of the new flowers in the spring to enjoy.

Other beautiful and highly desirable spring flowering trees include: Flowering Dogwood, Eastern Redbud, Akebono Cherry, Lilac trees, Magnolia Trees such as Royal Star, Saucer, and Sweetbay Magnolia. In addition, we have an exciting and brand new flowering cherry introduction. It is the ‘Helen Taft’ Cherry, which is new, pink flowering, and very hard-to-find.

An important thing to remember is that we only grow root-pruned trees with superior root systems grown in tree bags. These are Transplant Ready Trees™. This means that trees are delivered with up to 100% of the roots already included, and that the trees do not have to be dug from the ground, which cost delays and also results in many lost roots.

Since the trees already have well-developed root systems, are already self-contained and available immediately, they can be planted even as early as February or March. Our trees can really be planted ‘almost’ any month of the year with proper temperatures, soil amendments, fertilizer, and water!

Remember to review the beautiful trees available.  We are always available to help you.

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