We are passionate about growing great trees, and guarantee that our trees are healthy, true-to-type, and come with a strong and very robust root system.

When buyers properly plant their trees and add the right soil amendments and fertilizer, and water regularly, the trees are exceptionally prepared to grow well. 

Once our trees are delivered to the customer, we no longer have any control over their care and watering. The buyer is 100% responsible for their trees ongoing care, watering, and survival.

We do all of the hard work in advance for you when developing superior root systems and add expensive proprietary nutrients to our new seedlings that benefit all trees long-term health, development, and growth.

Once the trees are delivered, watering is the most critical aspect when trees are planted properly. We recommend through the spring, summer and fall months that newly planted trees be watered 2-3 times a week for the first 60-90 days , except during heavy rainfall.

We are always available to help. Please see our planting recommendations!

We don’t just sell trees… We grow trees!