Our trees bring a tremendous amount of happiness, and joy to people… no matter what is happening in the world around them!

Trees bring color, beauty, peace of mind, and are the ultimate solution to solving global warming. Trees take in huge amounts of carbon dioxide, and then create Oxygen for all of us to breathe!

That is exactly why world leaders are pledging to plant One Trillion Trees!

Trees offer us a peaceful and healthy ‘oasis’ away from the crazy world that we live in.

Did you know that trees in a well landscaped property can also increase a property’s value by as much as 20%?

In our USDA zones 6 & 7 there are many great tree varieties to choose from including flowering trees, shade trees, privacy trees, wildlife trees, and many more.

Planting great tree varieties on a property creates instant beauty, more value, personal enjoyment, and produces an immediate and improved environment that gives back immensely.

This is just another reason why cities, park commissions, and new developments across the country choose to plant hundreds of mature trees. Trees offer personal enjoyment, many mental health benefits, and actually have proven to reduce blight and crime in urban areas.

Trees are life nurturing, build a healthier environment around us, and are life sustaining!

Brandywine Trees offers thousands of great Transplant Ready Trees™