Brandywine Trees, LLC

 Great roots produce better trees

Our Chester County, Pennsylvania tree nursery was established in 2010, and growing great trees is our passion
We are a wholesale grower licensed by the PA Dept. of Agriculture to grow wholesale trees.  We specialize in growing flowering, shade, native, and hard-to-find trees.

All of our fast-growing trees are grown using air root-pruning which produces far more roots, but also exceptionally healthy and fibrous roots systems.

This 'patented' growing process offers customers far more robust and healthier trees that quickly establish themselves upon planting with minimal transplant shock, because you receive trees with up to 100% of their roots included.

Our customers receive highly-desirable trees with a very generous and healthy root system with 'many hundreds' of healthy young feeder roots ready to quickly establish the tree upon planting.

We are a private family nursery operation, but we invite you and encourage you to place your order online... or call us to learn more!