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Your Privacy Trees

Ilex – ‘Nellie Stevens’


A gorgeous holly specimen that is a grand addition to any upscale landscape


The traditional american holly known for its dark green Christmas leaves and red berries

Your Privacy Trees

Picea abies, Norway Spruce


The Norway Spruce is a great fast growing privacy tree, and landscape tree with many uses. It is fast growing and a beautiful and gracious addition to any landscape.


A fast growing evergreen hedge shrub that is an excellent screening and privacy shrub.


The Emerald Green arborvitae is a beautiful and very popular evergreen privacy tree to line a walkway, property line, or driveway. This tree will give you your privacy, comfort, and your peace-of-mind back! It maintains an upright vertical pyramidal form and is best to plant 24-30 inches apart (trunk-to-trunk) to create that tight 'quick privacy wall' that all customers want!


These trees will give you your privacy, comfort, and your peace-of-mind back! The Green Giant is the best large privacy and screening tree in our opinion. It is very hardy, fast growing, attractive, fragrant, and considered deer-resistant. It can also be sheared to look like a formal hedge for your formal gardens and property lines. It is a 'highly recommended' privacy tree to create a fast growing privacy barrier that customers want. These are large and full 7'-8' tall trees in large 15/20 gal pots, and will grow another 2-3 feet this season!