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Schip Laurels are a highly desirable and fast-growing evergreen hedge shrub that can provide instant privacy and beauty. They become an instant hedge and provide instant Privacy! We are one of a very few local growers who actually grow Schip Laurels in this area, and we are proud of how green and succulent our specimens are.  Although we do ship in larger 5' specimens, our younger locally grown Pennsylvania specimens are outstanding. Order Now, and we can generally deliver and plant within one to two weeks!  Email, or Call us. These are very popular, and will offer you privacy while other shrubs/ trees lose their leaves in the fall and winter... This is an excellent screening and privacy specimen that is lush, evergreen, and is a friendly privacy wall that adds year around beauty and will not offend any neighbor. Highly recommended! These Schip Laurel pictured above are approximately 5' tall.

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