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Plant Now… for your Spring Flowering Trees!

Now is a great time to start planning to add Spring flowering trees for your projects.  Depending on the variety, different trees will flower at varying times and colors throughout the spring, summer, and even the fall. Plant now or in February, March, or April to receive the early benefits of the new flowers in […]

6 Best Privacy Trees and Hedges.

Everyone wants privacy, and its important! Some trees provide better privacy than others. For example, evergreen trees can offer you privacy for 12 months of the year. Deciduous trees can provide privacy for only about 5-7 months of the year before they lose their leaves in the fall depending on type of tree and your […]

Create a Tree Line for Elegance, Beauty, and Privacy.

Trees add significant value and beauty to any landscape. By adding the right tree specimens, you can create immediate and long lasting beauty, value and enjoyment. Are you looking to add elegance and beauty to a long driveway? How about lining a property line to create a beautiful tree view with color? How about adding […]

Spring Flowering Trees & Shrubs

Plant Spring Flowering Trees Now! If you want to WOW customers with great new flowering trees this spring, then start planning now! Because our trees are root-pruned and have close to 100% of their roots in the tree bags, they experience little-to-no transplant shock after planting, survive very well, and will start growing quickly. Our […]

Trees for City Courtyards & Small Gardens

Small intimate gardens offer wonderful opportunities for special trees that share a great presence. Beautiful trees and shrubs come in many sizes, and Brandywine Trees offers many tree varieties that are special and hard-to-find that are perfect for the smaller gardens or city courtyard, or even roof-top gardens. Many of our tree varieties flourish in […]

Selecting the Right Trees to Plant

Tree specimens can offer a lifetime of beauty and benefits. Trees can live for many decades, and even for hundreds of years so you want to choose right the first time. Trees add value to a property, and also provide food, shelter, wildlife habitat, wood, paper, windbreaks, security, shade, cooling, oxygen, privacy, color and beauty. […]

Trees Increase Home Resale Values!

Trees add great value to a property.Good landscaping especially with trees, can increase a property’s value by as much as 20%, according to Management Information Services/ICMA. If you are staging your home to sell, first impressions and curb appeal are very important to impressing prospective buyers.Well-designed landscaping is a powerful way to stage and also […]

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