Prunus, ‘Helen Taft’



The Helen Taft Cherry tree is a fantastic flowering cherry tree variety named after a female trailblazer in the early 1900’s who also happened to be the wife of President Howard Taft. She was one of the key people who helped create the Cherry Blossom arboretum along the Potomac river bordering Washington DC and Virginia. 

This specimen is a outstanding flowering tree specimen, and would look great in a grouping, or in a tree line!

It is a deciduous upright tree with a spreading crown, reaching both a height and width of 20′ x 25’+ after 25 years of growth. We find that this tree is very hardy with minimal problems with insects and disease.  

It is most comparable to its female parent, Prunus x yedoensis Yoshino, except for its slightly larger size and noticeably large pink flowers.

This tree is a true winner, and we are quite impressed with its many positive characteristics. It is Highly recommended!

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