Spring Flowering Trees & Shrubs

Plant Spring Flowering Trees Now!

If you want to WOW customers with great new flowering trees this spring, then start planning now!

Because our trees are root-pruned and have close to 100% of their roots in the tree bags, they experience little-to-no transplant shock after planting, survive very well, and will start growing quickly.

Our trees are also far lighter than the traditional B&B tree and one person can easily lift and plant these trees!

Here are 12+ great flowering trees and shrubs that we offer.

Lilac – (Syringa vulgaris) Tiny Dancer (dwarf), plus China Snow, Ivory Silk (April flowering)

Syringa vulgaris, 'Tiny Dancer Lilac'
Syringa vularis ‘Tiny Dancer Lilac’

Redbud – (Cercis Canadensis) Eastern, Avondale, Ruby Falls, Don Egolf, Lavender Twist (April flowering)

Japanese Snowbell – (Styrax japonica) – June flowering white snow bell flowers

Styrax japonicus, 'Japanese Snowbell'
Styrax japonica “Japanese Snowbell’

Yoshino Cherry – (Prunus x yedoensis) Beautiful April display of white flowers

Prunus x yedoensis, 'Yoshino Cherry'
Prunus yedoensis – ‘Yoshino Cherry’

Okame Cherry – (Prunus x okame) Profuse medium pink flowers in March

Prunus serrulata, 'Kwanzan Cherry'
Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’ Cherry

Autumn Cherry – (Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’)Blooms in light pink flowers in the Spring and Fall

Snow Goose Cherry – (Prunus serrulata) Beautiful white flowers in April

Kwanzan Cherry – (Prunus serrulata) gorgeous double pink flowering cherry tree (late April)

Magnolia virginiana, 'Sweetbay Magnolia'
Magnolia virginiana ‘Sweetbay Magnolia’

Magnolia – Galaxy, Southern, Sweetbay, Ann, and others. (Summer blooming and fragrant!)

Wisteria – A beautiful flowering tree perfect for trellises, arbors, pergolas and arches!

Wisteria macrostachya, 'Pink Flowering Wisteria'

Flowering Dogwood – (Cornus florida) White flowering in April

Pink Flowering Dogwood – (Cornus nuttallii) Hardy pink flowering in late May for Mother’s Day!

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