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Liriodendron tulipifera, ‘Tulip Tree’


A tall fast growing native tree known for its colorful flowers and straight trunks. This tree has green to yellow orange flowers in late spring.

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Amelanchier grandiflora, ‘Autumn Brilliance’


A great native specimen adding both vivid fall colors and white spring flowers to its multi-season display.  These grow to 15′ – 20′ and are taller than wide. We grow single trunk specimens only.  The Amelanchier looks great as a solo tree, or as part of a multi-specimen design.

Autumn Brilliance puts on one of the best fall color displays of all of the serviceberry.

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Prunus, ‘Helen Taft’


This is a new Cherry tree introduction, and we are very excited about it!  We have been growing this new cherry specimen for 3 years now and are very impressed with its strong new vigorous growth, and improved resistance to insects and disease. We are one of a few growers in the United States fortunate enough to be growing this special tree variety.

It is named after a female trailblazer in the early 1900’s who also happened to be the wife of President Howard Taft. She was one of the key people who helped create the Cherry Blossom arboretum along the Potomac river bordering Washington DC and Virginia.  This specimen is a

It is a deciduous upright tree with a spreading crown, reaching both a height and width of 25 feet after 30 years of growth. We find that it is very hardy, and has minimal problems with insects and disease.   It is most comparable to its female parent, Prunus x yedoensis Yoshino, except for its larger size and noticeably large pink flowers.

This tree is a winner, and we are quite impressed with its many positive characteristics. Highly recommended.

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Nyssa sylvatica ‘Wildfire’


This variety of the native Blackgum tree has spectacular spring, summer and fall red, orange and green colors.  It is a hardy zone 5-9 native tree that also endures wetter soils. We have limited stock of these, but you will not be disappointed by the amazing display of colors that this tree offers the property owner.

It does produce small fruits which birds love, and grows up to 40′ x 20′ wide. Highly recommended.

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Zelkova japonica, ‘Japanese Zelkova’


Japanese Zelkovia is a hardy and easy to prune and train tree that deserves more interest. It is very tough and has beautiful furrowed leaves. It tends to be vase shaped especially with some early pruning. An excellent tree specimen!

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Wisteria macrostachya, ‘Blue Flowering Wisteria’


A very fragrant and heavily bluish lavender flowering tree that grows like a vine

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Wisteria macrostachya, ‘Pink Flowering Wisteria’


A very fragrant and heavily pink flowering tree that grows like a vine

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Thuja occidentalis – ‘Emerald Green’ Arborvitae (4′ – 5’+ high)


JUST ARRIVED – – LIMITED SUPPLY.  The Emerald Green arborvitae is a beautiful and very popular evergreen privacy tree to line a walkway, property line, or driveway. This tree will give you your privacy, comfort, and your peace-of-mind back! It maintains an upright vertical pyramidal form and is best to plant 24-30 inches apart (trunk-to-trunk) to create that tight ‘quick privacy wall’ that all customers want!

Current April 2022 crop is 4 1/2′ – 5’+…These are oversized, full, and will sell out quickly!

Please note that these trees are Not deer resistant like the green giant arborvitae if you have a heavy deer population.

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