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Royal Star Magnolia, Magnolia stellata


Royal Star Magnolia has larger and more showy flowers than the species, and they are also fragrant.

Royal Star Magnolia is a highly sought after magnolia variety, and is a very welcome and inspiring sight in early spring.  These are hard-to-find trees, and are a treasure for those fortunate enough to have them growing at their property.

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Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’ Chokeberry


Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’ Chokeberry is a fast growing smaller native shade tree full of colorful red/ burgundy leaves, which is a great contrast to the many green leafed trees.  The abundant small fruits are also red, and are a favorite of songbirds.

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Cornus x Rutgan, ‘Stellar Pink’


Stellar Pink is an outstanding Pink Flowering dogwood that is a vigorous grower with many healthy attributes. This is one of our favorite Dogwoods because of its growth habit and how healthy these trees are. This specimen is a cross between the Cornus florida and Kousa dogwood.

Stellar Pink is in demand, and hard-to-find.  It has beautiful plum, deep maroon color leaves in the fall that hold on until winter. A highly recommended Pink Dogwood!

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Metasequoia glyptostroboides, ‘Dawn Redwood’


Dawn Redwood is a magnificent deciduous tree. It has gorgeous soft green needles, and is a fantastic and inspiring tree to see and grow.

Dawn Redwood is a magnificent deciduous tree, and is a relative of the California redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), diverging around 150 million years ago.

Dawn redwood prefers a wetter environment to grow, and it needs full sun to grow its best when it is a larger tree.  We start these as ‘understory’ trees and they love the high open canopy above them giving the good indirect light.

It does best in moist to wet soils, so it can be a good choice for large rain garden locations. As with all trees a good organic planting location would be ideal for these trees.

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Quercus x Kindred Spirit Oak


The Kindred Spirit Oak is an exceptional columnar Oak that displays the gorgeous leaves of an Oak tree up close, and in a smaller vertical narrow form to fit into narrow places.  It is a great tree that is hard-to-find, and must be appreciated up close.

The Kindred Spirit is cold hardy and generally drought tolerant, and is just a fascinating tree for next to a walkway, driveway, or just close by to be appreciated up close by tree aficionados. You will be fascinated by Kindred Spirit Oak, and it may just make you smile!

They hold onto their leaves late into the fall offering privacy and beauty.  The leaves in the spring and the summer are dark green with a beautiful silver underside which is displayed on a windy day. One gets to see what is usually at the top of large Oak trees right up close and personal.  Highly recommended!

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Quercus robur ‘fastigiata’ – Columnar English Oak


The Columnar English Oak offers the beauty and elegance of the English Oak in a upright narrow columnar form that becomes the star of a landscape design when planted in symmetrical groups of three or five.. The juxtaposition of these trees planted in a design can be breathtaking.  These gorgeous trees put the full beauty of the English Oak in an approachable height to see up close and personal.

The tight narrow upright form allows one to approach the tree and closely observe the beauty and delicacy of its leaves, acorns, and branching.

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Acer rubrum, ‘October Glory’


October Glory is a fast growing and colorful Red Maple that holds both its leaves and color deep into the fall.  This is a highly sought after and often difficult to find Red Maple.  This variety is fast growing, tolerates clay, and wet soils.

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