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Planting Trees in the Summer

Styrax japonicus, 'Japanese Snowbell'

Trees have the great ability to live and survive successfully in the heat and cold… 365 days a year. Hydration is the key factor to their survival, and if both newly planted and established trees have sufficient water throughout the year, they will survive. The real planting objective is to help the trees establish themselves […]

Selecting the Right Trees to Plant

Tree specimens can offer a lifetime of beauty and benefits. Trees can live for many decades, and even for hundreds of years so you want to choose right the first time. Trees add value to a property, and also provide food, shelter, wildlife habitat, wood, paper, dyes, windbreaks, security, shade, cooling, oxygen, privacy, color and […]

Trees Increase Home Resale Values!

Trees add great value to a property.Good landscaping especially with trees, can increase a property’s value by as much as 20%, according to Management Information Services/ICMA. If you are staging your home to sell, first impressions and curb appeal are very important to impressing prospective buyers.Well-designed landscaping is a powerful way to stage and also […]

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