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The Red Buckeye is a small native flowering tree that will grow 10'-20' high. It blooms in April/ May and the flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds.


Eastern Redbud is well known for its stunning lavender-purple flowers that bloom in early spring. This specimen grows best in a location sheltered from high winds.


A beautiful weeping flowering Redbud famous for it lavender flowers in early spring


A weeping deep red leaf flowering Redbud that is quite a specimen for the garden, or along a walkway.


Perfect for smaller gardens or landscapes! In early spring this tree is covered from top to bottom in vivid, rosy mauve blooms. Help your customer gardens pop in color today!


A small single or multi-trunk beautiful white fringe flowering tree. It is a hard-to-find native tree, and is both beautiful and fragrant.


American Yellowood is a sought after fragrant and showy American native tree with beautiful white racemes flowers.


The Flowering Dogwood is a classic flowering American native tree that adds beauty to any landscape.


A new 'patented' scarlet red flowering dogwood that is a beautiful sight to see. Because of the limited supply and its rarity, we limit one Scarlet Fire specimen per order, please.


A 'patented' dogwood that puts on an extended showing of large white flowers that blooms in May and after the Cornus florida. Due to limited availability and its rarity, we limit one 'Venus' Dogwood specimen per order, please.


These Dogwood trees are unique with many deep pink flowers: bred to be more disease resistant, more drought resistant! Excellent for lawns and gardens! Because of the limited supply and its rarity, we limit one 'Rosy Teacups' specimen per order, please.


A deep red colored winter stem that is outstanding for winter color, especially against the winter snow landscape.