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Trident Maple is a fascination and intriguing smaller maple known for it multi-colored leaves


David's Maple is a beautiful and fast growing small to mid sized maple tree that grows up to 20'-25' tall in zone 6. It likes part sun and shade, and a more acidic planting location.

It is one of our favorites, and I grow it in honor of my brother, David. The red leaf stems, gorgeous green leaves, and the orange and yellow fall color.


The Acer griseum, aka Paperbark Maple, is one of our absolute favorites! Native to central China with gorgeous exfoliating bark and fall leaf colors make this tree a must-have.


A handsome maple variety that fits well into a smaller landscape


A rare maple variety from China that is very cold hardy and displays gorgeous colors with its new growth and fall color.


A red leaf Japanese Maple famous for its summer and fall red burgundy color


A coral trunk Japanese Maple that is outstanding with its branch and leaf colors.


Green Japanese Maples are beautiful and under-rated. They may even be more hardy than the red's.


A beautiful alternative to the Japanese Maple. It has beautiful green leaves that turn red and yellow in the spring and fall.


Great for walking gardens or Japanese-style plantings, this dwarf slow growing pyramidal tree has beautiful dense, compact foliage and is hardy in cold weather. Shop our site today!


A handsome hornbeam with deeply textured leaves that are quite attractive


Harry Lauder's Walking Stick is a stunning tree that is very unique and hard-to-find. Amazing views all year long. Shop our site to learn more!