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Specialty trees are the rare and hard-to-find trees that you will almost not find anywhere else.  The owner handpicks these special varieties to grow because they are so beautiful and unique. They are available for sale here online now.


Trident Maple is a fascinating smaller maple known for its multi-colored leaves.  It holds on to its leaves until November/ December and puts on a brilliant fall display of color.


David's Maple is a beautiful and fast growing small to mid sized maple tree that grows up to 20'-25' tall in zone 6. It likes part sun and shade, and a more acidic planting location. It is one of our favorites, and I grow it in honor of my brother, David. The red leaf stems, gorgeous green leaves, and the orange and yellow fall color.


The Acer griseum, aka Paperbark Maple, is one of our absolute favorites! Native to central China with gorgeous exfoliating bark and fall leaf colors make this tree a must-have.


A handsome maple variety that fits well into a smaller landscape


A rare and exquisite maple variety from Asia that is very cold hardy and also displays gorgeous colors with its new spring growth and fall color. This is a perfect rare tree variety for a tree collector for their gardens. It would fit in well in a Japanese garden, or shade garden. We have a limited collection of these rare trees, and you will not find these anywhere else.


A red leaf Japanese Maple famous for its summer burgundy, and fall red color


Green Japanese Maples are beautiful and under-rated. They may even be more hardy than the red's.


A beautiful alternative to the Japanese Maple, and a great addition to any landscape. It has beautiful green leaves that turn red and yellow in the spring and fall.

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Great for walking gardens or Japanese-style plantings, this dwarf slow growing pyramidal tree has beautiful dense, compact foliage and is hardy in cold weather. Shop our site today!


A handsome hornbeam with deeply textured leaves that are quite attractive


The Katsura Tree is grown for its intriguing trunk, fragrance, gorgeous leaves, and its four-season attributes. It is a thirsty and fast growing shade tree, and should be planted in areas where there is consistent moisture, but not standing water.  We highly recommend this top five favorite tree for your landscape projects!  It is well suited for larger plantings in a tree line, or property border.

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With an intense red & purple color, the Red Dragon variation is extremely unique and sure to turn heads in any landscape. Shop our site now for more info!


This tree is a unique and hard-to-find specimen with beautiful lime green summer foliage and amazing fall color. This specimen catches everyone's attention for brilliant lime green color all summer long and delivers gorgeous fall colors!


This sought-after great specimen quality tree won the prestigious 'Award of Merit' from the Royal Horticulture Society and features large pink blooms. These mature specimens are 8' - 10' tall now, and can be pruned to size if desired.


A gorgeous and eye catching pink, red, and green color leaves on this tri-color beech are truly exceptional in the spring, summer and fall landscape! The tri-color beech is a hard-to-find and exceptional specimen tree that is rarely seen and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. You will not find these anywhere, and we have 3 large beautiful specimens 7'- 9' tall available (July 20th) now!


This uniquely beautiful dwarf tree is very hard-to-find and adds a truly gorgeous element to walking paths and cultured gardens.  This is a well loved specimen perfect for that small landscape!


Our Ginkgo biloba trees are great as a lawn tree, street tree or shade tree. Beautiful, bright yellow leaves in the fall. A hardy and excellent tree specimen.


A gorgeous holly specimen that is a grand addition to any upscale landscape


The pollinating male holly for the winter red fruit bearing Ilex verticulata


A small deciduous tree noted for its pendulous axillary racemes of yellow, wisteria-like flowers that bloom in spring. It is a beautiful tree, but as a word of caution if you have children around the seeds, stems and leaves are poisonous if eaten


The Magnolia Galaxy flowers in late spring with gorgeous deep pink & purple flowers. Sure to catch everyone's attention! Click here to find out more. Because of their rarity and limited supply, we limit one Magnolia Galaxy specimen per order, please.


The Persian Ironwood is a hard-to-find and sought-after specimen tree with beautiful characteristics for all four seasons. Provides wonderful year around interest! Click to learn more.

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This is a brand new Cherry tree introduction this year, and we are very excited about it!  We have been growing this new cherry specimen for 3 years now and are very impressed with its strong new vigorous growth, and improved resistance to insects and disease. We are one of a very few growers in the United States growing this very special tree variety. It is a deciduous upright tree with a spreading crown, reaching both a height and width of 25 - 30 feet after 30 years of growth. We find that it is very hardy, and has minimal problems with either insects and disease.   It is most comparable to its female parent, Prunus x yedoensis Yoshino, except for its larger size and noticeably large pink flowers.


A top 5 favorite! It is a dwarf black locust variety growing to 10'-12' that has a comical twisty, windy growth pattern that makes it so special and desireable!


A beautiful and fairly hardy specimen that flowers in June, and has both striking leaves and bark


A Top 5 Favorite Tree with its exquisite branch, leafing, and of course its beautiful white snow bell flowers


Japanese Zelkovia is a hardy and easy to prune and train tree that deserves more interest. It is very tough and has beautiful furrowed leaves. It tends to be vase shaped especially with some early pruning. An excellent tree specimen!